Facts About Environmentally Safe Paints


Solvents from regular paints are escaping into the environment and I am certain we would all wish this could be avoided. What they give off are chemicals called Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and these enter the atmosphere. This may cause many adverse effects; for instance, it can cause the ozone to deplete, it can add to the issue of smog and likewise the big one; it can add to global warming. This is leading to us look for new types of paint to use as we get to know about these dangers. The initial popularity of eco friendly paints failed to impress when they initially entered the market during the 1990s.

On Global Warming

So people today realize that using regular paints leads to global warming and other concerns, so surely they’ll start using eco-friendly paints? Those who are painting pros need to be converted. If paints do not have the volatile organic compounds, the paint experts say that these are substandard to paints that contain them. The points the painting experts make are that paint that is eco friendly is not as efficient to use. The paint industry must think about the health problems relating to VOCs, including breathing complaints like asthma and that people are opting for green paints.

Water based latex paints having binding qualities can be a way to overcome this dilemma. Because VOCs are absent, it means they are eco friendly. The water based attribute of latex paint means that painting on iron is a concern as it may cause rusting. Still, customers are turning more frequently to latex paints.

True Environment-Friendly Paints

When we say ‘environmentally friendly paints’, we don’t just mean the paint itself is safe for the environment, but also the procedure in which the paint was manufactured or how the ingredients were gathered. There are some paints that have Titanium Dioxide which can cover other paints as it is very white in color. Making Titanium Dioxide can prompt sulfuric acid production. The environment is negatively affected as the acid is discharged into a body of water.

One more problem with Titanium Dioxide is that it is reactive to the sun, causing smog, when utilized as an external coat. The fact that carcinogens can induce cancer is a concern due to a link with Titanium Dioxide. Even with all of this, paints still have Titanium Dioxide.

Folks are becoming more aware of the problems normal paints pose to both their health and to the environment, so doesn’t come as a surprise to know that Earth friendly paints are becoming more popular.