Professionally Cleaned Patios


So have you decided to have your patio cleaned? How about the furniture? An outdoor restoration just isn’t complete without equally clean furniture. How does your old wooden outdoor chairs, tables and accessories look right now?

Just like the surfaces outside your house, outdoor furniture are prone to dirt, stain, and other elements that can cause deterioration. Luckily you can also have them stripped, washed and stain finished to restore their beauty.

We have the specialized pressure washing equipment, products and techniques to get your patio and outdoor furniture ready for any season!

Pressure Washing Outdoor Furniture

Power washing is an effective and cost efficient way to clean exterior surfaces and furniture. However, many precautions must be taken before anyone starts blasting away. That’s why you should only leave it to the professionals.

Our experience and knowledge of cleaning patio furniture will ensure that you only get the best pressure washing and restoration services available in Raleigh. We’ve been cleaning, sealing and staining for outdoor structures and furniture for many years, so we know which cleaner works for which kind of surfaces.

Can All Outdoor Furniture Can be Pressure Washed?

Generally speaking, any outdoor furniture can be power washed if done by an expert –may it be plastic, metal, wood. As most patio furniture are made of metal or wood frames, they can be safely cleaned using a pressure washer. But again, such intricate cleaning process requires a professional.

We understand that most furniture don’t require a strong solution. We have our own specialize cleaning solution that is safe to use on your furniture as well as will not harm the environment. We take pride on our green, environmentally-certified pressure washing methods.

Mildew, mold and dirt will constantly reappear on any outdoor surface. That’s why regular maintenance cleaning is a must to prevent buildup, which can be potentially damage your outdoor structures and furniture. If not properly cared for, outdoor furniture will deteriorate and would look old and unkempt.

Our highly skilled technicians can complete every pressure washing service that you may need. You’ll be amazed about the difference our cleaning services can make. We always can get your job done quickly and correctly.