Sidewalk Cleaning: Taking Care of Your Business


Keeping your sidewalks clean and well-maintained is important to impress your potential clients. You won’t attract people to walk into your store if your sidewalks just look unkempt.

Through our professional commercial sidewalk cleaning and pressure washing service, your place of business will look its best!

Our skilled and highly trained technicians can remove even the toughest stains, gum, mold, dirt and other unsightly imperfections from your sidewalks, without causing damage to the concrete cream. Just leave everything to us and see what difference our cleaning process can make!

Make Your Business Shine!

Professional pressure washing services will help maintain a clean and inviting appearance for your shopping center, school, office building, or storefront.

With people and vehicles utilizing the space throughout the day, it’s inevitable that your sidewalks get lots of wear and tear. Not to mention the natural elements such as dirt, mold and algae, as well as man-made waste like gums and oil stains.

Give your sidewalks and paved surfaces a facelift! We have the right equipment and the best technicians to remove all kinds of dirt from your sidewalks.

Our comprehensive concrete and sidewalk cleaning services are guaranteed safe and efficient. Our specialized cleansers can remove everything – from oil stains to gum to dirt and dust – as we keep your property and the environment safe.

Invest in the Right Power Washing Company

Commercial sidewalk pressure cleaning is a valuable investment for your business. Having a well-maintained sidewalk says a lot about your business. It doesn’t only improve your property’s appearance, it likewise enhances curb appeal and resale value.

Also, don’t risk an injury or a lawsuit that can be brought upon by contaminants that pollute your sidewalk. Dirt, mold, algae and grease are safety hazards. Blue Dawg Power Wash can wash those away for you.

Our sidewalk power washing service cuts all the way through to the areas where stubborn stains, mold and grime are. If you want your property in Raleigh or in surrounding areas to look as good as new, we are the company to call!

Keep your property clean! We provide full year round services at an affordable rate to keep you and your customers happy.

Your storefront provides the first impression of your business to your clients. Don’t let it be a bad one! Encourage people to walk in the door. Have your sidewalks properly cleaned today!